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Let's say, both had to play only 1 inning (or an equal number of innings) against each test team. We will use their average to predict how many runs they will score in each of those innings. If we calculate the sum of those innings, what happens?


Aus: 51.45
SA: 35.95
Eng: 65.26
Pak: 30.30
Ind: 37.66
NZ: 51. 66
Sri: 86.53

Total: 358.81 runs in 7 innings at an average of 51.25.


Aus: 54.07
SA: 37.92
Eng: 76.50
WI: 57.73
NZ: 55.05
Pak: 32.91
Sri: 80.28
Zim: 76.50
Total 470.96 runs in 8 innings at an average of 58.87

PS: All those averages are also skewed by the notout factor. If we take out the not out factor, what happens? Tintin?

Edit: edited ST's figures.

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