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Originally Posted by tiger1000
it was yellow not a red, even madrid players knew it, arbelloa even said it was accidental by nani - no malicious intent. Nani was attempting to control the ball, a genuine 50/50 chance of winning the ball, de jong had his eyes on alonso, fully intentional, it was a reckless challenge, nani's one wasn't even a challenge
Wait, what?

When did Arbeloa tell that? Please give a source or don't make up stories.

I think the Red Card was justified. Not only did he go with his studs up, which is considered dangerous and often results in a FK, but when Nani was air-bourne, it's clearly visible that he went in and pushed his studs further against Arbeloa (his intent looked bad). The linesman had a clear view near the touch line. I think it was a fair decision. Could have gone either way, but to make such a brave call in a big match, kudos to the ref!
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