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Come'on Doc! Where's the thesis? Here I will attempt one:

It feels like to be on a different astral plane, the highest echelon of cyber society. You see, hear, read and say everything from GOD's p.o.v. You have to balance incredible responsibility such as that of banning with one click with yogic self-control. There are checks and balances and no central authority but still the upper cabal is pretty high can maneuver a hostile takeover of any website.

At first, the task is a job of observing. You have to hone your skill patiently sitting at one spot and monitoring ip addresses for a double account match. It's tedious but rewarding to ban him or her afterwards.

Also, you slowly start seeing patterns everywhere. When you walk down the supermarket you can anticipate a robbery before and prevent it first hand.

Also, you slowly gain supernatural powers such as to develop a psychological profile of a user and even if they use a proxy account you can track them at home and make them share the post on Google.
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