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But Madam-er ajker kotha-r por, aar jai kori, BNP-ke vote dibo na next election-e. BNP election jitle, good for them, but amar vote paabe naa. Jani, tate kichu jai aashe naa, AL last election jite ki care korse for the crores who voted for BNP?

শাহবাগের সমালোচনা
অন্যদিকে নাস্তিকদের পাহারা দিয়ে, খাওয়া-দাওয়া দিয়ে লালন করছে।’
It is not a case of me not valuing BNP - it is BNP, not valuing my vote, by defaming and slandering me. Onar moto khomota thaakle maanhani maamla kortaam. Amar ek vote-e kichui hobe naa, but I can't vote for a party, where the party leader repeatedly lies through her rotting teeth.

AL/BNP kono tai kori naa, 1st time voter. - there should be a third option here.
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