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Originally Posted by Jadukor
We have been debating about Nazmul vs Abul vs Razzak vs Sunny etc etc but regardless of which players we prefer, it seems the present Selectors have other ideas.

So if you were the Selector and all players were fit, which four specialist bowlers + Shakib would you go with from the current resources? Please exclude Mash because he doesn't play tests any more.

I would select the following
1. Nazmul Hossain (avg 38.8 per wkt, econ 3.53)
2. Taskin Ahmed (avg 29 per wkt, Econ 3.17 in First Class matches)
3. Gazi (avg 41 per wkt, Econ 3.17)
4. Enamul (avg 39 per wkt, Econ 3.04)
5. Shakib (avg 32 per wkt, Econ 2.86)

I chose the above for their wicket taking ability and good control over keeping things tight. The only question mark is Taskin because he is very young but if we can try Abul then we can try Taskin as well imo. I think these guys are our best chance to get 20 wkts in Tests.

please share your bowling attack here

You have got it absolutely right brother. This would make a formidable lineup.

Thing is our selectors often dont value the concept of balance. The bowling attack must have balance, each bowler must complement the others strengths and make up for their weaknesses. Imo its pointless playing both Shahadat and Rubel or Abul and Shahadat. Both dont have the accuracy or consistency to put pressure. They will leak runs from both ends giving the batsmen a lot of confidence. On the other hand if you plug someone like Nazmul, he can keep it tight. Even if he doesnt pick wickets he will keep it so tight it will give opportunities for the others. I remember Tuffey used to play this role for Shane Bond. Kulasekera currently plays this role for SL.

Enamul, and Shakib are world class-two of the best SLA's in the world. Add Gazi to the list we have three very potent spinners. Good variety.

But this is how our selectors will think. There is grass so lets play three quicks, lets pick Shahadat, Rubel and Abul. They have pace, so they ll do a good job. Also they will say since Shakib is there no need to take a second specialist spinner. Thats our downfall. We dont play to our strengths, we think too much about tradition, convention and the wicket. We get lost in all that. Akram Khan & co should read Sun Tzu. If they dont understand that, at least read our history and how we fought the war in 1971. As a David you dont win by being conventional.
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