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I am so glad that popular Nazmul within fans, is not the favorite ahead of Abul/Rubel/Robiul by the current brain trust.

I am the minority here, but Abul/Rubel/Robiul/Taskin/Shafiul are the future, not Nazmul. Nazmul's future is "now" with very limited ceiling........and even for "now", injury prone nazmul will just be a short gap solution in ODI team, forget about test.

Obviously the current brain-trust decided to go for a master plan to build a new core of young FBs and I am all for it....Abul/Rubel/Robiul/Taskin/Shafiul... we need all of them plus some more.... but the days of Shahadat/Nazmul/Mashrafee are over for different reasons for TEST and limited role in ODI.

I don't see how Nazmul can play a role in near future for our team. So no point wasting time on him ahead of Abul/Rubel/Robiul/Taskin/Shafiul.
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