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As everyone knows we're playing them right now, in the first test last week we beat them in two and a half days but believe me it wasn't as easy as it sounds, they've got a dangerous batting order if they are allowed to get going, Mazakdza, Marwayo and Sibanda can score very quickly and Irvine has been a constant pain against us through their whole tour, he isn't getting big scores but he's sticking around for long spells, Weller looks decent too,

Another thing to add is Jarvis is very dangerous in seaming conditions, he got a 5fer against us and aways looked hostile and up for the fight, they had a sniff in the first test when they had us 140/6, but in the end Sammy and Ramdin took the game away from them and we built a 95 run lead, after that our spinners just rolled them over.

Vitori is said to be going through a poor spell but after what he did to you last time i have a feeling he might be back .

I think It's gonna be a good series, i'll have to wait and see what happens in this second test tomorrow to make a prediction but if this was a home series for the Tigers then i'd favor you heavily thats for sure.

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