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Bhaaai, you really think our 3 pacers is going to win us any games ?

Remember this ?

3 pacers 81 overs 5 wickets, giving away 228 runs.
3 spinners 50 overs 5 wickets, giving away 127 runs.
One of the spinner was a part timer who bowled only 2 overs.
Enamul Jnr has a better chance to take more wickets than Shahadat/Abul/Rubel, even in a pacer friendly condition.

I'm not saying we must NOT take 3 pacers, I'm just being realistic that our 3rd pacer is not going to add any substantial value to the bowling attack and we would probably be better off betting on our strength and their weakness, ie, spin.

Also remember, Shakib would be coming off from a surgery and might not be able to bowl the longer spell that he usually does. In that case, we need another bowler to can share the load with Gazi. So, instead of getting a mere 15 overs from the 3rd pacer, we can take someone like Enamul who would easily bowl 25+ overs in an innings, thus sharing the bulk load with the other two spinners.

Ref the last test match against SL, the pacers bowled (15+23+17) = 55 overs, whereas Gazi himself bowled a staggering 39 overs, even in what was supposed to be a pacer friendly pitch !

We got to be careful about managing Gazi's workload or else within a very short time, he would also be going under the knives, just like Shakib.
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