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Default How fast are our "fast" bowlers?

How fast are our fast bowlers? I have come across a compilation (somewhat incomplete) that contains many big names but it contians none of ours. I wonder if any our seamers ever consitently cross 140kph. I know some of you will jump on this and site one or two occasions where someone reported a few deliveries in low 140kph. I see in the list many of the bowlers listed in that table have bowled in 150kph and still catagorized Medium Fast bowlers. Only a few on th top are listed as pure fast bowlers. Even in the MFB catagory we are absent (neither is SL and only a handful for India). Lasith Malinga make another list ( but I do not agree with it. Her was never express fast. He got wickets due to his unusual delivery style.

In any event, I would like to see where we stand. Perhaps, we are in the range between 120 - 135kph. Mushrafi in his hey days may have chuked a few in the low to mid forties.
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