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Welcome to BC Sarwar.

A few things I thought about while reading this:

1. You talk about giving others a chance. I wholeheartedly agree. But shouldn't it be the most inconsistent players who should give away their spots to find more consistent players? By that logic, Ashraful's days are numbered unless he really picks it up in the seasons to come. So his selection is unmerited.

2. About Razzak being an automatic choice, I disagree. Bd is never short of decent quality spinners waiting to make it big time. Doesn't Shohag deserve a new blood alongside him to hunt for wickets ? Razzak can and will play in this series and for other ones to come, but since you stress so much about building a team for the future, ultimately we have to find another young talented consistent gun to pair Shohag with.

3. Taskin is too young in my opinion. We have gone down this road before, rushing under 19 players into the national team. It hasn't worked more often then not. Let Taskin mature a bit.

The rest of the piece is fine to me, you have described your way of thinking and new perspectives are always appreciated. But those 3 points I just mentioned raised red flags for me.
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