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Default batting order

Dear Mufi_02,
Please see my reply to Roey Haque.
I found against low caliber pace, old ball pace and spinners anamul is somehow comfortable, so I have a sense that he might be successful in low middle order.
Except Tamim and Nasir all Bangladeshi batesmen suffer against fast bowling, although Tamim is also not that solid against pace.His timing still gives him lifeline.Nasir is perhaps capable to play as opener, but I want to keep him in late order to do the role of match finisher, moreover, in that stage, again pacers come.
Mushfique may seem solid,but he is also not top class batter, but he has a cool head and a bit of sense of responsibility, so I want to keep him in middle order, and no. 6 problem? when bangladesh bat on, i always feel we are already 2 down at least, so mushy is actually at 2 down and nasir at at 4 down.
in this team tamim is liliput jaysuria and abul is experimental kalu, and jahirul is dreamful guru.
no 5th bowler, occassionals will do th rest. in this squad there is no other bowler who is actually better than these occassionals.

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