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We have Ashrafuls and we have Abuls.... they complements each other.

Yes as long as we have Ashrafuls, we need an Abul also to take the hit from Asrafuls.

While the experieced superstars hits two eid innings, and play like Abuls for the rest of the year, the poor inexperienced under-prepared Abuls gets most the hit from the fans.

While "Ashrafuls" survives years after years, Abul's career get short ended by both BCB (throwing him in fire too soon) and fans (not patient enough). The original Abul's career is pretty much over .... or will be over pretty soon.

The real question is when the original Abul leave the team, who will be the next "Abul" in the team? Because we need them to save "Ashrafuls" from getting all the heat.

Now I hear suggestion about opening Zia instead. I have no problem with that. However I am guessing before the ZIm series ends, Zia will be the next Abul in fan's eye.
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