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Originally Posted by kalpurush
Fazal bhai, I an not saying it's all Raju's fault! Though, he should know how to bowl maintaining line and length.

I want to know what the team management sees in him that we don't see?
Why selectors through him into the fire so early? Without being prepared??

Looking how our pace bowling is, why BCB is not taking any actions?
Why not higher a pace bowling coach knowing our pacers are not improving under SJ?
Fair enough questions. But does it have to be "Abul" thread to ask these questions? You replace this name i.e. "Abul" with "Ashraful", "Rubel", "Shahadat", "Junaid","Rube", "Shafiul" and even "Anamul" etc, and you can ask these questions....the same problem were there before Abul came to the lime light, and the issue will continue to stay even Abul will be successfully eliminated from the team. This is not the first time:

  • An under prepared player was tried and failed
  • A talented player kept his position even when he failed to under perform consistently.
  • "Unlucky"/"Step child" again get injured in the wrong time.
And this will not be the last time that will happen.

yes Abul under performed in this ODI, and yes if he is dropped from the team no body will drop tears for him. But picking up this young man to symbolize our deeper problem within BCB/team? Don't you think we (the fans) are taking easy way out to prove a point here?

Yes he was part of the problem, but was he the only player in the team why we lost the game?
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