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Originally Posted by ReZ_1
I think Ash is for tactical strategy for the opposition, opposition party will always be on their toes that ash is playing and any day thukku the prior night of the match they will be busy searching for the new moon of the month of "shawal", so that they pass sleepless night and under perform the next day. And if they somehow discovers the new moon to blossom in the midst of the sky between the twinkle stars then there is no hope in the next match. better they would sit down and watch the match between bd and aus in cardiff to get acquainted of the future environment.

Ok jokes apart i think it will be unfair except rubel to change the team composition as the 2nd match is abandoned. if the track assist seamers then we should replace another pacer for rubel, with abul injured only hope is..... came long way from dhaka intl airport after cancelling 2-3 shooting contracts.
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