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Originally Posted by zsayeed
Some: 4 overs for 54 runs from Shahdhat und zilch wickets.
Shahadat, Rubel and Razzak...all three bowled poor... It's understood Shahadat as the 4/5 th choice of bowler will be poor, that's why we have all rounders in the team to share 1/2 overs. And he should have been finished before when he was bowling well...he bowled a very good 3 rd over...why was he kept for the 19th over...? It's a very poor captaincy to keep ur 4/5th bowler for that stage.

Yes Shahadat bowled poor, but don't put the entire blame on him alone... You don't expect him to be as economical as the best bowler of the team too...he was never taken even for ODI recently, I don't even understand why he was picked for a T20? He was ok with test's the Coach and Captain...if they allowed others to make their decision, then they take the blame for that incompetence also...
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