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Originally Posted by Shehwar
Funny!!!! Please remind me to laugh about it later! Your umpires are like the 80s umpires that Pakistan had! Anything that hits our pads is out and any plumb lbw against yours is not out! Infact if we review the umpiring by your umpires in the series we'll have a serious case of pushing for neutral umpires by ICC in all bilateral series!
true.. about 2 decisions favored us..but if u think that u lost the match because of that u hav another thing coming..u lost the match because of shitty bowling & 20+ extras & shitty fielding & specially giving around 70 runs in 4-5 overs... u hav a couple of gud batsmen..but if u think that u r a world beating side just because u have a couple of decent batsmen then u r just kidding your selves

Regarding umpires Kumar Dharmasena is in the elite panel of umpires & was named as the best umpire of 2012 by the how many bangladeshi umpires do u have in the Elite panel ? None... why is that ? if ur umpires r so gud then why arnt anyone in the elite panel yet ? maybe because they arnt that gud either ?

I hav not denied that the umpiring was gud in this match.. if as u say that if the umpiring was bad all through out the series then u woulndt have won anything... its just one match with 2 decisions going SLs way.. **** happpens..unlickily they were from 2 SL umpires..but u should be crazy to do it on purpose..these umpires livelyhoods r umpiring..they know that their peformance is monitored by the ICC & depending on the performance they get promoted or demoted & it depends on how many games they get in the knowing that they should be mad to be obviously biased so that all could see it & commit carrier suicide

so 2 decisions worked in favor of SL...**** with it....

in Aus We had a match that we had a more than gud chance of winning called off by the idiot match Referee because of Dew !!.not even water but DEW ??? how many matches did u know were ever called off because of dew ? was the first one...we had to play a world cup finals in the dark.. remember that ? was that fair ?

so **** happens.. Sports is never fair..u know it but if u still complain..then u r just another wiener & a bad looser
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