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Originally Posted by Hyro
true.. about 2 decisions favored us..but if u think that u lost the match because of that u hav another thing coming..u lost the match because of shitty bowling & 20+ extras & shitty fielding & specially giving around 70 runs in 4-5 overs... u hav a couple of gud batsmen..but if u think that u r a world beating side just because u have a couple of decent batsmen then u r just kidding your selves

Regarding umpires Kumar Dharmasena is in the elite panel of umpires & was named as the best umpire of 2012 by the how many bangladeshi umpires do u have in the Elite panel ? None... why is that ? if ur umpires r so gud then why arnt anyone in the elite panel yet ? maybe because they arnt that gud either ?

I hav not denied that the umpiring was gud in this match.. if as u say that if the umpiring was bad all through out the series then u woulndt have won anything... its just one match with 2 decisions going SLs way.. **** happpens..unlickily they were from 2 SL umpires..but u should be crazy to do it on purpose..these umpires livelyhoods r umpiring..they know that their peformance is monitored by the ICC & depending on the performance they get promoted or demoted & it depends on how many games they get in the knowing that they should be mad to be obviously biased so that all could see it & commit carrier suicide

so 2 decisions worked in favor of SL...**** with it....

in Aus We had a match that we had a more than gud chance of winning called off by the idiot match Referee because of Dew !!.not even water but DEW ??? how many matches did u know were ever called off because of dew ? was the first one...we had to play a world cup finals in the dark.. remember that ? was that fair ?

so **** happens.. Sports is never fair..u know it but if u still complain..then u r just another wiener & a bad looser
I have no answers! You got me! Sri Lankan umpires are obviously in a league of their own. My apologies. Hope that helps you sleep better at night.
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