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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
White space is white because I put white (even though I turned down the brightness knowing how you guys love this grey Lolz). The basic idea is the set up. The sideway thing. You can pick you own 50 shades of grey.
White space is a term used in design to refer to empty space that draws your eye away from the text - it's an element of bad design to have that. White space needn't be white, it might even be pink. The issue is allow smooth eye movement for readability - one of the reasons we have the various edicts against over use of emoticons and excessively flashy signatures. The operative word is readability.

Anyway - poster info on the left is one of the earliest look and feel of discussion boards. In fact, we had that look here before we switched to vbulletin and opted for this structure. I'm not wedded to any or either.
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