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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
Not being naive but just asking a simple question...
I thought you were of the sentiment that Shahbag bloggers are being sponsored by the government... So why would government ban the people they are sponsoring in the first place.... :s
Don't put words in my mouth.

Feel free to quote me where I said "Shahbag bloggers are being sponsored by the government". As a matter of fact I never said anything about government directly "sponsoring anything related to shahbagh movement".

What I repeatedly said is that Shahbagh movement was instigated by the government. Which means that government used a popular sentiment, "punishment of rajakars", and turned it in to a popular movement by fueling the nationalistic sentiment by using propaganda.

Its futile to argue with you on this if you are not in bangladesh, and more importantly, if you have no idea how dirty politics works.

For the last one year or so the AL government is using all forms of media (and yes the government has a monopoly in this) to rile up the people about rajakars and the war.

Shahbagh movement is a cumulation of this nationalistic sentiment.

To understand what I mean, you might wanna read some book. Like:

George Orwell's:

Animal Farm
Nineteen Eighty-Four

Noam Chomsky's:

Manufacturing Consent
Propaganda and the Public Mind

There are two force currently working in bangladesh. The nationalistic force and the religious force, both equally powerful and they are playing a game of dirty chess with the general public. The sooner people (including yourself) understands whats going on, the better it is for everyone.
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