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I've been back in BD for about...8 months now and the common thread in most of the socio-political disasters that have occurred since then has been the Government's inability to cope with the internet and its discontents. Starting with the first long-term ban of YouTube after the "Innocence of Muslims", the offensive Facebook meme-turned-religious riot, the ICT's Skype-gate, the hacking of sensitive information from Ministry websites, another meme displaying Sayadee's face on the moon leading to another riot, the Basherkella FB page, the murder of a blogger, the arrest of bloggers on spurious grounds etc., the government has blundered in dealing with cyber issues time and again.

Even now, with the establishment of a cyber crimes tribunal, I'm wary of how effective it will be without the tribunal judges having proper training or expertise in this area. We desperately need to call in some consultants...
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