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Originally Posted by Yameen
What has the Bangladesh government achieved from these arrests? Who are they trying to please? Perhaps they should round up all the radical Mullahs that make derogatory remarks about other religions every Friday prayer? What about the arrests of the Jamat shibir terrorists that have attacked Hindu people and their temples? I am afraid to say that the religious bigots have won and Bangladesh is very much on the path to become Afghanistan 2.0
Who are they trying to please ? ----- Whoever can help them or fund them to get back in the power again. Shahbag protest benefited govt. hugely and they saw a path for popularity and a way of political gain in near future. But, prolonged non-violence protest is a threat for any Govt. and eventually they realized sponsoring rightful youth may end up causing harm in long term. ( If shahbag protest end up successful, eventually it will be repeated in the near future for any wrongful govt. actions). Instead prorating radical image of "Atheist Card" will do the trick in short term. Unfortunately, rather than step forwards they jumped backward.

We provided ideal environment to Jamat for so many years and let them grow by using religious image. Even if Govt. had full hearts to destroy Jamat, its have to be done in a long process. But, why should they ? If the goal is Power, why not use what is available right now. If they can portrait themselves as against "Anti Islamic sentiment" they may end up gaining more popular vote than Successful Shahbag movement.

Taking steps that could slowly kills Jamat from roots may be not as useful as playing the Atheist game as of now.. They knows Our choice is limited right now, if both sides of coin are same, one may rise hope to gain political support and other may end up creating govt. with them..They just care about their Power.. that's all...
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