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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye

Bashing others saying they played against Minnow teams (WI - depleted team) but not considering SL's gift as a minnow team. Double standard. At least Shakib did win some of those games by himself.

Some dislike Shakib. I get that. Give him credit for his performance at least. He is no putuputu "yes sir", "no sir" captain. That is why he got removed. I wouldn't talk bad about the #1 player in the world.
Why are you conflating individual performance with the team's performance under his captaincy? Can you show me where exactly I denied Shakib's contributions as a player? Yes you can keep thinking that's why he got removed from the captaincy. I believe it was the fact that the team was making zero progress under him. And nice of you to insinuate that I dislike Shakib just because I criticised his captaincy. At least I am not someone who overrates a particular player to the max and sees everything he does as gold. If I see him as a below-average captain I am going to call it as it is, no matter how good a player he is.

Format doesn't matter if you are only targeting opponents to compare captains and their captaincy. Mushi faced a Minnow team but could not deliver. Because of his and only his decision Shahadat bowled at the death. Do you not agree that we could have had a different outcome had he played his cards differently? - No excuse just bad captaincy.
And he deserves to be sacked on the basis of a one-off T20 result?
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