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Maybe not, but that doesnt give a player "better than Lara and Tendulkar" an excuse to crap against them. Gavaskar and Greg Chappell made runs against WI. Why couldnt Miandad?
I couldn't pass this up. Looks like I do have some time to respond to these.

1. According to the car avg ratings Javed is not better than Lara. But he is slightly better than Tendulkar.

2. If Lara and Sachin had to face the WI attack, chances are that they would have crapped against them too. Who knows? Who cares?

All these "what if"s and "but"s, "would have"s, etc. are irrelevant when we are trying to measure a player's overall career contribution and performance. All that matters is the fact on ground and how we intepret them.

Think about it.

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