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This is what i Posted on my fb status to highlight the different mentality:

Difference between American teaching philosophy and Bd teaching philosophy (student) i am sorry i have a really dumb question.. Us teacher: oh no no dont be there really is no dumb question... Bd teacher: tayle janoi jokhon eta dumb question, tayle abar shomoy noshto koro keno...fazil ekta...bhago!
You all want World Class players, but instead of treating her like a fellow human being as any self-righteous enlightened person would do, you treat her she is not good enough somehow or needs to BE someone or have a status to feel important and talk to/about her like 'labor worker'.

Damn right i am getting philosophical. As Gandhi said change mus come within. IF these players must walk the walk like Sanga then they should talk the talk like Sanga without having been subjected to kowtow to authority.

Only one has uninhibited, unfiltered, fearless mindset then they can play freely. But if you go to bat and have to think 20 little details liek if you play bad you will be criticized, chastised, lose your form, your position from squad, what will coach say or think, who will pay the rent ...

Just shut up. Do you play to make others happy or yourself happy? And for those nagging fans, no one is forcing you to watch them. It is an entertainment after all and they don't owe us jack s.

They should play for themselves not to please others. It's not as if we are sustaining their water and gas bills with our tax money.
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