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I must commend myself for the patience I am displaying. Ok here goes.

Arnab wrote:"2. If Lara and Sachin had to face the WI attack, chances are that they would have crapped against them too. Who knows? Who cares? "

Firstly,what makes you think that the chances were that they would have crapped against that attack as badly as Miandad did? Gavaskar and Chappell certainly didnt. They were great bats,who are in the same category as Lara and Sachin. Miandad as I have said before belongs in the Dravid,Kallis,Hayden category. BTW the WI bowling average over Miandad's playing days was 27.7

The Australian bowling attack average since Tendulkar made his debut is also 27.7. So one can say that these two attacks are comparable. You may find that to be blasphemy of the highest order but I dont. Sure the WI pace quartet was fearsome etc etc but so is the Aussie bowling juggernaut. And against this attack Tendulkar and Lara have been averaging over 50 each. Something which Chappell and Gavaskar did against the WI attack and Miandad barely avged above half of what they were avging against WI.

" As you can see, my friend, the same is true for Miandad against Windies, too."

So you include his 46's and 42's as well to show that? The fact is that Miandad averaged 29 against the WI's mate. When BCL scores, he scores big to help his team and not just 30s and 40s.
Miandad failed against the WI big time so how can anyone call him a great? To be great, you gotta do well against the best, something which Javed did not.

As far as the ratings go, I am not talking about them. I dont have much faith in PWC or any other ratings. It is very difficult/nearly impossible to come up with a near perfect rating system in cricket which is fair to every batsman. A BCL 222 against SL was rated lower than a Richardson 94 against SL by PWC. Go figure.
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