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A BCL 222 against SL was rated lower than a Richardson 94 against SL by PWC.
Do you know why? Have you asked them why? Have you heard anything called "scaling by factors"? If you're unsure what it means, then email the PWC team. If you can't understand why they were rated like that then I can't continue this conversation. Because you have to understand how the ratings work. Otherwise, these debates will always be pointless. After you throughly read and understand how the ratings work, I am more than sure you will look at your own posts in this thread and will be able observe where your thinking is flawed.

I CAN write humongous, detailed, point-by-point replies to all the issues(mostly redundant) you raised in your last reply, but they will all be in vain since you don't even know how the ratings work. I can't waste my time like that.

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