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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
they are a registered charity.... It would take a Pure Evil person to steal money from this kind of fund....
i wasnt talking about your link. it was a generic comment.

for example i trust and respect people running bc..... the problem with bc is it is disconnected.... they probably gonna find some user in bd who is gonna try to find somebody else and ultimately help few ppl..... great.

it works well for small amount.... but hypotheticzlly let say this website is able to raise a million bucks...then my wired brain is gonna start pondering about logistics.... thats just how i am.

but i guess its like donating for masjid, you do your part and hope they are used for good....

anywyas.... if there is anythng that deserve donations without a second though... this is it..... in times of disaster, much much more than individual plea that u get time to time...