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Originally Posted by MohammedC
What does it mean Zulfiqer Bhai ?
House is one of my favourite characters.

It could mean several things to several people.

1. Religious people are not reasonable.
2. Religion is not based on reason
3. If religious people would be engaged reasonably - then they would not be religious any more.

But then some of the meanings are fallacious - as the original statement is an if then - and not an if and only if.

so, 3 seems to be the right one.

But it could mean different things to different people.

And - religion does not need to be religion in every day word. For example - having a one-sided heavy handed theory - or to assume things of other's theories and dogmatically pass it of as such imposed if you will - that is ones opinion of others motives be it true of the others motives or not - is religion. Just like idols take on many shapes. Especially nowadays.
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