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Originally Posted by Blah
I think BAL will win next election even without much cheating and stealing of votes because, as bad as they are as a government and a political party, they are the least worst of the top 4 parties in bangladesh. And no thats not a compliment for AL or says much about BD political parties.

BNP is pretty horrible as a political party and their leadership didn't even bother to pretend to not being corrupted, last time they were in charge. They did it pretty openly, proudly and I don't think much have changed for them since then.

AFA bangladesh is concerned its a no win situation.

the problem with BNP is jamat, this is the only reason they wont get much vote from the young generation

Weather BAL is good then BNP or BNP is good then BAL is totally pointless because we all know both of them are not the answer

we need a third party, but as there are none and jamat is with BNP, it'll be hard for BNP to get votes of under 30 people
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