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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman

So Mr. Chris Broad, how much should they fine you for failing to take action against the umpires?
Your son, a senior player, purposely hit player with the ball at the end of play and injured him and got him on the bench. What.the.fuc. did you do about it? Nothing. So STFU and don't lecture Shakib you double-standard tw*t. Like MHRAM said, he probably wouldn't have reacted like that if it was one off decision.

Again, this is what I hate about cricket. When the umpire's finger goes up, the batsman must leave the crease without showing his emotions regardless of what he thinks of the decision, i.e. players are umpires' bitch. They shouldn't just walk off. Umpires are at a job and if they suck at it they should hear it from the players. Ozs were good at dominating the umpires. And they wouldn't dare making complaints about those players because they knew they'd have to face them again the next day. With money and power, Ind players are trying to do the same (LOL), except they are too village to get that done.

Moc, can we get a clip?
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