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FT: Real Madrid 1-2 Atletico Madrid

Lost the Spanish Cup Final, after having a grip and control of the majority of the match. And we just let it go, just like that. Missed so many opportunities, which I think a 10 yo kid could score. On top of that, it looked like they didn't have the determination and hunger. Atletico also had the loudest fans at the Bernabeu(!) Atletico sat back and pounced Madrid on their weakness, defending set-pieces & exploiting the out of position defenders.

Anyhow, I think the ref was a tad biased and could have made better decisions, regarding YC's, but what's done is done. Atletico has beaten us after 14 Years, and what better way, than a Cup Final at Madrid's own backyard!

Whereas for Mou, I guess it's over. His mission in Madrid was a failure, in terms of expected output. I would like to see him gone, and some other guy build on the foundation he laid. A few players need to be offloaded as well. And defence needs to be shored up esp. the RB, please FFS!

Now to wait for the new season in hope and anticipation after the summer transfer window massive shopping.
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