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Originally Posted by shuziburo
Actually, I never would have thought of Amla in this regard. But, he is an amazing example. Also, he rotates strike better than almost everyone in the world.
What I love about Amla is "No chinta(worry), No tension approach" (He is so calm and concentrated) Virat Kohli is the opposite, it is like Fury(on opposition) ready to be unleashed. The most attractive part about Hashim Amla's game is with the relative ease he plays the game. It Looks So easy when he bats...

I can't exactly define Amla's game as "Assault", nonetheless very effective though.

Another Wonderful Quality about Hashim AMla I admire the most, I have noticed how Batsmen gets frustrated and "end of the world" type feeling kicking the ground in frustration, with Hashim Amla I remember him getting out cheaply many times against many opposition and yet he hardly has a reaction(mental toughness/ ability to accept reality and move on). Batsmen have a lot of regrets but Amla doesn't it is like he accepts responsibility for his own failure. He accepts his destiny that a certain particular innings wasn't meant to be.
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