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Originally Posted by iDumb
i am gonna turn this thread controversial now.

i was thinking really hard about this question. what is one thing that i remember from my childhood..?

and i finally figured it out. the only childhood memory i have is of my musolmani... i think regardless of age everyonr remembers this horrible horrible experience...

i think circumcision should be banned.... i think it is one of those primitive practice that caught on and still exists to this day..... its barbaric......

arent there simikar practice of maiming new born girls in some african tribes? why isnt circumcising boys not banned yet?

Lolz, i also remember my circumcised day, actually the doctor uncle betrayed with me. after the injection i kept on telling him - jokhon kajta korben amake ektu janaben jeno betha paile sojjo korar jonno prostut thakte pari, basa theke jawar somoy bohut prep. niye gesilam. i kept on asking the buira doc. for quite a few times but he always smiled at me.
suddenly he wrapped the lungi around me- thought se lojja pacche mone hoy. but then took me out of the chamber saying kaj sesh.

About banning circumcision i heard that it is medically beneficial if one does that. Once a doctor told me he had to do many of such operations of 20-25 years old men who were suffering from infections. So i guess it is better to do early in a funny memorable style.
"- O Allah, forgive our sins and have mercy on us ! Help us through worst times and bless us with good ones, you are the ONE the only one to guide us to right path and save us from disasters.."
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