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Originally Posted by ReZ_1
I was wondering if there can be any thread or section or so for the members who are banned for violating forum rules.
over there we can have the information of the banned members- no of posts/ list of previous post- the post for which they are banned- explaining the reasons etc...
There were some members who were very regular in bc but in one heated moment they just gave up. feel sorry for them. but just as a tribute for staying over here and sharing their thoughts we can have their names listed. also others can see the reason why actually they are in that place and it will remove confusion and will refrain from doing the same thing especially the newbies...
\\ just a thought..
Good thoughts. However, we (members) discussed about this topic openly previously. I was against this and still am. Somethings are better behind closed doors. One should NOT expose others fault. The ban (days, weeks, months, life) is punishment enough. Let that be between the Mods/Admins and the poster. If the poster thinks he/she are being unfairly treated, they can always email to other Mods/Admin +Tehsin/Mahmood. I am sure the ban is not exercised just for fun and without a violation of the rules more than once.

As for the newbies and oldies, time to time reading the forum rules help. Plus one should not post something that the person can not speak in front of his/her parents or children.
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