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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
i have to stop you right there
Is that title saved for Anata Jalil and Borsha?
Originally Posted by Roni_uk
YOu meant together they should be called 'Shashir'? :P
or they can be ShiSha (pronounced Sheesha ) :P
Originally Posted by oronnya
Yeah you are right. She is a hottie !!! I feel jealous too not because she is Shak's wife but because she is just so perfect... beauty, brain, hotness, smartness you name it !!!

She might be the Jolie of of BD but Shakib is no Brad Pitt ... he he...But what I like about Shakib is he never tries to look that handsome... He is just a simple regular guy ..
Shakib may be a simple regular guy.. but when he wears that suit
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