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^I agree but whenever you win a championship, you need some sort of luck along the way. Congrats to the Heat and in the end, they showed they had a bit too much talent for the Spurs in the end. Lebron really needs to hit the jumper more consistently. Just look how dominant he was in game 7. If he can do that on a consistent basis, he'll be even more unstoppable than he is now. They also will need a better supporting cast. They have far too many old players and that almost cost them. They need a younger and fresher supporting cast plus some big men. Birdman is a good energy guy but they need more.

As for your question, T_E, I'd pick Lebron even though that's tough. He can do what Wade does except he's a better scorer, passer and rebounder. The only thing that's debatable is whose more clutch? Before I'd pick Wade but now it seems as though it'd be tough to pick.
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