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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
If Sachin had retired at least 2-3 years ago then many people may have argued with Ponting's statement. But now playing more and more he is only damaging his reputation. Lara did the right thing retiring early. Now whenever people make comparison between two, they only consider Lara's high time and Sachin's low time now.

Personally, i have always loved watching Lara and Sachin's batting when they were at their peak. Both of them were such a treat to watch. Lara was exciting and aggressive whereas Sachin is calm and calculative.
same can be said for ponting, had he retired 2-3 years earlier he would have been seen in a better light and when it comes to future generations looking back, the ones who never saw ponting play, they will just look at his average and stats and say he was great but was he right at the top? probably not. on the other hand those of us who watch his entire career can remember when he was scoring a ton almost every test match (back when he averaged almost 60).
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