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Originally Posted by Rabz

Shiyal er dhare murgi rakhte dile ei obosthai hobe.
If I'm not mistaken, most SLPL franchisee owners are Indian companies.
With their IPL in all sorts of murky waters, they are making sure that none of the other neighboring PL's can bloom or shine.

Right the very next day of Sreesanth's arrest, India media goes after BPL, more preciously the two times champions DG.
Now SLPL is called off.
BPL is postponed till the end of world cup and in all reality, isnt happening either cuz IPL is slated after world cup and May-June isnt the best time for cricket in Bangladesh.

What happens to IPL case ?
The Ambanis and SRKs walk free while only Shihab Chowdhurys face the wrath.
Yes! why didn't i think of our failures in this way before! lets all blame the Indians because without them we would never have bailed out on player payments or got involved in match fixing
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