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Originally Posted by Zeeshan

yeah but he was also kidding..cant find the video... when someone asked him that's pretty low he replied well for THAT age it's not.
Hehe, fun. I watched that a long time ago so don't remember that one. But I recall he also explained that in his day Test matches didnt end at 5 days, they went for as long as the 4th innings could go on till they all got out, or they chased down the runs. It also gave him that room to stay at the crease and build a 99.94 average without having to worry about the game ending within 5 days and instead they would bat out till the match was 8 days long.

Re: Jadukor bhai,

Very true, comparing between eras is comparing lemons with oranges (same citrus family, different fruits). Once upon a time cricket only had underarm bowlers, and the wickets had one bail and no middle stump. As the game evolves, players will also play in different contexts.
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