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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
^^ I don't think Ian meant 'Ireland is better than Bangladesh'. Rather he's implying that if Bangladesh with such large number of fan following, good infrastructure, wealthy cricket board, can't attract broadcasters for a test series, then how come Ireland with small number of cricket fans, no proper infrastructure compare to Bangladesh can convince ICC to grant them Test status.

Got it ?
Hear hear. Wasn't so hard to decipher Ian's post now, was it? Yet people's judgement is clouded by their strong dislike for the man. You may not like someone, but that doesn't mean you jump on him at every opportunity you get, refusing to acknowledge his messages for what they are and in turn making yourself look bad.

Any public figure who maintains a social presence like Ian does is subject to scrutiny and criticism, sometimes deservedly, but he didn't deserve it this time.
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