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Originally Posted by zman
It would be nice to have a front page article at least twice a week. Even if only the mods and staff members were to author these articles, we're talking 3-4 articles per head per year. To make this financially feasible there can be a paid membership option. Paid members will have access to these articles as soon as they're published; they'll be made available to everyone else a month later. I'm guessing at least 200 members would sign up for this to read the latest articles even if they had to pay $100 per year. That's 20 grand right there. If $100 fee is paid for authoring an article then the total fee would be slightly more than $10,000.
nobody is gonna pay. you are crazy if you think 200 ppl gonna pay close to 10 bucks a month to read another fans opinion.... do you live in this world?

some ppl might pay for forum access but then the forum will be useless. best thing in life are free.

fb will always remain free but it is a multi billion dollar company. think different.

but i do have a suggestion, can you guys please pay someone per diem to maintain the forum? its part of the cost to run a site. there really shouldnt be weeks and weeks of slowness. stop being cheap guys......
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