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Originally Posted by iDumb
nobody is gonna pay. you are crazy if you think 200 ppl gonna pay close to 10 bucks a month to read another fans opinion.... do you live in this world?

some ppl might pay for forum access but then the forum will be useless. best thing in life are free.

fb will always remain free but it is a multi billion dollar company. think different.

but i do have a suggestion, can you guys please pay someone per diem to maintain the forum? its part of the cost to run a site. there really shouldnt be weeks and weeks of slowness. stop being cheap guys......
you're underestimating the number of crazies out there...espn insider had close to 700,000 subscribers last year, and subscribers have to pay close to $50 per year for their a die hard basketball fan i subscribe to it just to read articles like "Top 10 reasons why Toronto Raptors will beat Boston Celtics for the 8th playoffs spot next year". It's off season and I'm not even a Raptors or Celtics fan...I really think this could work and given the number of users who live in foreign countries and fans who are crazy about following Bangladeshi players at various levels - 80% of whom are virtually unknown to me until they make the national stage, 200 could turn out to be a pretty conservative number
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