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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
A Jarrod Kimber special and a lesson in the history of Irish Cricket.


Some of my favorite excerpts:

And we admonish - heck even fire from captaincy - Shakib for swearing at Raqibul for being fat and slow in the outfield. No wonder the Irish are where they are and still improving, whereas we still make sure to lose to Uttar Pradesh U-15 every chance we get.
It's even worse. It's the fans that got mad at Shakib for cussing out Raqibul. Little did they know it lit a fire under Raqibul's behind and he actually ended up performing better because of that. And he got ousted for an even more pathetic reason, one of the BCB members was not allowed in the locker and thus ousted Shakib from captaincy. I know it was more than that but that was the last straw for Shakib.

Well there's also a reason why Ireland as a country is where it is compared to Bangladesh. They aren't rich but they are far more organized as a nation. There's also a reason why they're better in basically every sport than us.
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