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MARCH 21, 2013 - Cricinfo
Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka, 2012-13
Roar that follows the tigers
Mohammad Isam

Shoaib Ali Bukhari can shout all day, in the heat, and not have a care in the world about where the next meal will come from or whether there will be a bed to sleep on. Sounds like just another crazy cricket fan that we have all encountered in life - or have been ourselves. But even by Bangladesh standards, he stands out for his willingness to go that extra mile - literally.

He is in Sri Lanka now, supporting his favourite team, and he has just watched nine days of his favourite kind of cricket - Tests. On the day we met, Shoaib was screaming his lungs out as the Bangladesh batsmen fought to stay alive in the second Test in Colombo. As the batsmen walked back for the tea break, he cried out the name of every player that walked into the dressing room. From one of the higher stands, someone tried to compete with his vocal strength. That man laughed and gave up after three tries of "Shabash Sri Lanka".

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