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Originally Posted by Ajfar
I don't think there should be any age restriction. I think a better rule to put in place is that a player has to declare which country he represents. For those who have dual citizenship (Dirk Nannes for example) has to declare early on in his career which country he intends to play for. You shouldn't be allowed to play for one country, and half way through your career go play for another country. This is the rule FIFA uses, and ICC can easily implement this rule as well if they wanted to.

It's BS how Morgan can play for Ireland, and than months later he is playing for England. If he thinks he is good enough to play for England, than he should have never represented Ireland. Same goes for Nannes. Guys like Jeetan Patel, Sodhi, Usman Khawaja there should be no question them. As far as I know they are all citizen of the country they represent, and never tried to represent any other country in international cricket
Agreed.Declaration of country of choice before 18 years of age should solve everything. Because what if a cricketer plays all his first class cricket in one country, then immigrate to Canada between 20-40, and walks into their national team? This has happened with many Indian guys I believe who now play for the canadian national team. The declaration mandate would solve this.
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