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Originally Posted by Jadukor
I think we need to go back and look at the batters who performed during the last two BPL editions to select the players we want to experiment with for the undecided spots in the batting order. I seriously do not like the idea of Ryad at 7. The batsman at 7 has to be able to close out games and will be under immense pressure during the crunch games.

I think Anamul has done reasonably well in this format for Dhaka Gladiators to be given a shot at no. 3.

I really hate the fact that, because Anamul failed in the Test series, we are now dropping him for T-20s. He would have been much better for us than Zia in the batting order. Look at how England is treating it's own young talent Joe Root. Besides the one big century probably at lords in the Ashes, He has largely failed at the top of the order but that didn't prevent England from picking him in the next series or limited over formats but what they opted to do is to move him down from the opening spot and give the opening spot to Carberry. All we like to do is go for a witch-hunt when something doesn't work and next you thing you know a promising career is derailed.
Anamul couldbe tested as an opener but hey we wanted to gamble with Zia! It didn't pay off though.

We did not bowl well, but in this format teams will score beyond 200 and we have to accept that. Question is have to developed enough to chase down 200+ in 20 overs? No.

1. We did not rotate strike enough, look at the dot balls we had on Wednesday. We have hit almost same number of fours and sixes as NZ have but still we lost. it's because of the singles taken by them. 1 single per over would give us 20 extra runs, think about it: 20 runs and we could have easily won!

2. We try to hit every ball out of the park. That's the truth, you can't hit every ball so rotate the strike, it helps to settle and understand the situation.

3. Practice, practice and pracice. We need to practice more, more games needed.

4. Get the team combination right. Drop Riyad, get someone else. Not this sissy.

5. Give your instant best bowler the maximum number of overs. Al Amin was underused last night.

Otherwise we didn't do that bad

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