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Originally Posted by ma_o_mati
Shokter vokto noromer jom. Be it icc or fifa. Bd is a money making machine for icc. So our board need to show some cojones
please tell me why its a money making machine? is that a fact or opinion.

Its not all about the fan's... there are other factors e.g. media rights and other.. most boards make huge amount of money from TV broadcast and other revenue streams. I don't think its highly profitable for India, South Africa etc in terms of tour with Bangladesh. Lets take the current example of South Africa and Pakistan dilemma! SA had the chance to invite ZC or even us Bangladesh.. but they ended up with Pakistan because they would make more money out of that tour compared to ours and ZC. even than as a Fan I don't care who make's what! I want Bangladesh to play India, South Africa and Australia etc... we need to play more!! ICC, Mustafa Kamal needs to do something..
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