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Originally Posted by rahman94
Hi guys,I am new to this site. I am really sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I recently have visited a cricket stadium and went crazy after seeing the atmosphere. I was thinking of start playing cricket again in order to achieve my dream of becoming a pro cricketer.
I started playing cricket at the age of 5 and was in cricket academies. All my coaches always praised me and said you are the future, things like that which boosted my confidence a lot. Then at the age of 12 i moved from bangladesh to new zealand for family reasons. I stayed at NZ for two years where I joined cricket academies and returned to bangladesh. But after the age of 14 i quit cricket due to studies. Now i am 19 and wanna get back at cricket and start practicing every single day, work very hard. But do you think i can make it to the top level? I am moving to new zealand next year, start playing again. But i am very overweight now standing on 120kg 5.8 inch height .
Bro can I give you an advice?

Finish your studies. Cricket khelar shomoy onek ashbe, kintu ei shomoyta deliket....porar shomoyta hariye gele aar pabe na...poro! poro! beshi kore poro!
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