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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Not just Ian - there wasn't necessarily hype but much interest and hope when he first started. It wasn't after a few years when he fell in love with his own good looks and used up most of his brain cells to grunt during bowling that he fell off the hype wagon.

But the ultimate one man hype still goes to Zunaed Siddiqi. And the all powerful hype that destroyed him is just a search away. (Aside: bro, you know who you are, and I keed).
I still feel Junaid Siddique is under-rated. In terms of average he is the most successful number 3 Test batsman Bangladesh has ever had; he averages more than Bashar when batting at 3. Furthermore he figures four times in the top 13 Test partnerships by Bangladesh; three of those were with Tamim: 146, 161 and 200 (;type=team).
His problem was that he was awful in ODIs (but surprisingly more than decent in T20s). But the selectors kept picking him for the ODIs and when he failed in those he was dropped from the Test Team. If he was left alone to concentrate on Tests and develop his Test batting he could have been a huge asset to the team given the problems we've had in that troublesome number 3 spot in the last few years.
He wasn't the only one that was hindered by the selectors myopic vision to select the same players in every format.
Imrul Kayes was a steady opening partner for Tamim in ODIs but he was appalling in Tests; he has the worst average for an opener who has batted in at least 30 innings, (Hannan Sarker is second worst and Javed Omar is fourth worst, looks like Bangladeshi openers seem to excel in this criteria ). Every series he was under immense pressure because of his Test failures, I wonder what he could have achieved if he was left alone to focus only on ODIs.
The same could be said for other players like Jahurul Islam, Rubel, Riyad. I hope the selectors don't make the same mistake in the future and cut short the international careers of others.
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