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Originally Posted by Tiger444
Ya Malik's a good player but he also has been an underachiever.

Pakistani batsmen have a lot of talent but unfortunately they lack application. The domestic system is to blame for their shortcomings. There should be no reason why a country that has been a Test nation for so long should have batsmen that still underachieve the way the Pakistanis do. Take a look at India and Pakistan's difference in batting and you see the difference.
every test nation has it's strength's and weaknesses. india is strong in batting but compare pakistan's history of pace bowlers to that of india and you get a bit of a role reversal.

but i agree, there is a lot of work to be done with the pakistan infrastructure and the selections. the infrastructure currently isn't working, but at the same time i don't think the selectors have done their job correctly either. i probably sound like a broken but i'm going to use umar akmal as the example again, had they continued with him in tests and not dropped him when they did then he very probably (imo of course) would be a quality test batsman by now, he has a terrific FC record, did quite well in the tests he did play and he's one of their best ODI bats right now so he has international experience against good bowling despite it being in a different format.

haris sohail barely got a chance and now he's been dumped, i can't keep track of their pace bowlers as they keep changing regularly. they're sticking with adnan akmal when they seem to have some good keeper bats around which would strengthen the team overall.
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